Web Sites and Applications:
  • A well-designed static website
  • A dynamic website with a content management system
  • All websites may include the following features:
     -Spam-Free contact form
     -File uploads that can be automatically be forwarded as email attachments
     -Automatic email notifications for any website function
     -Web site usage statistics and analytics
     -Embedded feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)

  • Office and Computer Network Solutions:
  • Custom Server Assembly, Configuration, and Installation. (30% savings)
  • Network/Router configuration
  • Centralized files, document, and collaboration solutions (MS Sharepoint)
  • Computer/System Analysis and Troubleshooting:
  • Expert solutions for extensive, complex, or unknown computer problems
  • Data forensics

  • Technology Analysis/Implementation:
  • Comprehensive Analysis to support executive technology decisions

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